Bishop HughesBishop Hughes has been called to develop men and women of integrity and to rear principled leaders in the Body of Christ. He is compelled to commit the Gospel to faithful stewards; enabling these steadfast ones to stand on world platforms to proclaim and establish the Kingdom of God in the Earth.

Bishop’s gift is global; it is not confined to a local territory or region. From North America to the Philippines, through leadership training and development, he has a world-wide mandate to advance the Kingdom.


Bishop Samuel J. Hughes’ powerful ministry provokes integrity and greatness in those who are willing to adhere to the Word of God. His anointing for ministry builds more than people; it is a means to develop transformational leaders so desperately needed to impact this world and the world to come.

Tools For Development

Bishop Hughes uses the same tools as Jesus Christ to develop principled leaders … the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

What He Does Best

Through cutting-edge revelation delivered with a no-nonsense flair, Bishop Hughes teaches the vitality of submitting oneself to God. For it is in this yielding one is able to establish an intimate relationship with God, birth His desires, and download His vision for their life.

Bishop Hughes is also gifted to peer into the lives of individuals and identify the gifts God has placed in them. The anointing of the Holy Spirit has flowed through him to stir up and nourish gifts as well as teach individuals how to activate the gift, making it available to the Body of Christ in accordance with Ephesians 4:16.

Because Jesus gave gifts to all mankind and not just the five-fold ministry, Bishop Hughes emphasizes the necessity of allowing the gift to make room for itself. As individuals are faithful to allow the gift to create its platforms, they become actual carriers of the gift, which will cause them to stand before great men.

Undoubtedly, Bishop Hughes’ core competence is to raise ministers of integrity. Not just microphone or pulpit preachers, but ministers dedicated to displaying Christ in everyday life. Whether you are a doctor, business owner, or mail carrier; whether you are an employer or employee, what you do and how you do it is your sermon and your ministry. Your life speaks volumes.

“It’s what you do that preaches the Gospel, not what you say,” says Bishop. ”It’s not always necessary for you to leave your job or business once you realize that you’ve been called of God.”