In January 1985, God called Samuel J. Hughes and commissioned him to reconcile His people to Him, saying, “This day, I commit to you the ministry of reconciliation.” God charged him to train ministers for the vineyard in all purity and integrity through the unadulterated word of God.

Ministry of Reconciliation church was founded on August 17, 1989 by Pastors Samuel and Louise Hughes. They began a bible study in their living room on Thursday nights with six members. Soon, God provided a place for services at the former Woodworkers Hall on Sprinkle Avenue in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Sunday evening service was implemented and the number of members increased to 50. The ministry eventually purchased the building at a nominal cost after occupying it for six years, rent free.

In 1993, Ministry of Reconciliation joined Bible Teachers International, Inc. for ten years under Apostle Mary Banks. God used Apostle Banks’ teaching and training to impart a wealth of wisdom as well as tools for godly maturation to Pastors Hughes and the church family as a whole.

Today, the ministry has grown to over 150 members and continues to set out on its mission – to reconcile men and women to God. The Holy Ghost’s presence continues to save souls, set the captive free, and birth ministries for the launching of God’s purpose in the earth.