By: Sharon D. Landy
Under the former administration we were sent in to spy out the land and then we came home and dreamed about it. But God has raised and is building up a new administration, the Apostolic (not a denomination), that will lead us into possession and multiplication in the Promise Land. The first administration was a Moses generation; the last is a Joshua generation.

The secret to the success of the Joshua’s of this age is that they accept their place of authority without misgivings. They don’t politic and network, they simply obey God. God’s will for them becomes their will without hesitation.

To go “all out” for God is habitual with them. They know and have come into agreement that this is the unfailing prerequisite for eternal success. This is the apostolic move of God that has strategically positioned us in this place.

We shall lead the people into God’s rest (Numbers 13:16-33; 14:4, 6-9).

Just as the Israelites, many of the older ones will not enter in because of their traditions and their unbelief; but the children shall possess the land. The children shall rule, reign, multiply, and worship God in that land.